Our four servers with ranks enabled are located in both Europe and the US. We recently surpassed 180 000 unique players. Play with us today!

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2 servers

We operate four servers, running a variety of maps. We take pride in our custom maps, made by our regular mapmaker Price.



To get the most out of your gaming experience our administrators are online nearly all the time! Cheaters and griefers are dealt with swiftly !



Our servers got a cross server ranking system. So if you play on one of our servers, your rank will be the same on rest of [GRAVE] servers!


Player Quotes

[GRAVE] is an awesome place to play. People there are nice and the administrators keep the place clean!

Chew, admin

Just wanted to say that I really enjoy gaming on your servers. I have made alot of good friends there and have never had any problems. Keep up the good work and Thanks

TinMan, regular player